Face it, today everyone's faces are buried in their mobile devices. What if there was a way to capture one's attention to a screen by attracting them with a sound that appears as if someone just placed 3D headphones on their ears? Want immediate attention to your display or screen? HyperSound® HSS 300 is an extremely focused audio technology that means sound where you want it. HyperSound innovation in audio generates an ultrasonic beam of sound. Similar to how a flashlight controls a ray of light, HyperSound® beams sound so only those in the targeted listening area can hear it. For those nearby, the directional speaker, the sound to the ear is similar to virtual headphones so to speak. Slim speaker design makes integration into applications easy. Innovative audio technology makes it a uniquely effective solution for adding audio to even acoustically challenging environments. Extremely focused audio technology means sound where you want it. Ideal for any area where you need to mitigate sound bleed. 

• Creates tight audio zones
• Isolates sound to a specific region or person
• Diminishes sound bleed and noise pollution
• Communicate audio over longer distances while maintaining intelligibility
• Effective in high ambient noise environments



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HyperSound HSS 3000 Directional Sound Speakers
  • From $1,045.00
HyperSound HSS 3000 Directional Sound Speakers
  • From $1,045.00
NEW! VidBeam Pro Directional Sound Speaker
  • $548.00
NEW! AudioSphere Directional Sound Speaker
  • $728.00
VIDBeam Directional Sound Speaker
  • From $485.00
HyperSound Custom Metal Ceiling / Wall Mount Bracket - Black
  • $42.00
HyperSound Custom Metal Ceiling / Wall Mount Bracket - White
  • $42.00
HyperSound® Short Wall Mount Brackets
  • $12.95
HyperSound 30VDC Power Supply With 6' Power Cord
  • $48.00
Replacement - HyperSound® HSS 3000 Speaker
  • $488.00
Replacement - HyperSound® Power Amplifier (Speakers not Included)
  • $598.00
Speaker Bracket for VIDBeam Directional Sound Speaker
  • $14.95
HyperSound Amplifier Wall Mount Bracket
  • $29.00