4 key tips to maximize your digital menu

One of the key parts of utilizing a digital menu is visuals. Proper utilization of visuals can cause customers to try something new in your establishment. Poor visuals on the other hand will lead customers away from certain items you may be trying to promote. Utilizing color, angle, honest representation and higher quality are all parts of creating a vivid image that jumps out at a customer’s eyes.
Take High-Quality Photos
Let's say a customer walks into your restaurant and looks at the digital menu that's provided. If the first thing they see is a pixelated and dull image of a meal that you are selling, they will probably order something else. However, if they see a high-quality, color-filled and mouth-watering image of that same meal, the chances of them ordering it are much higher. It's important to take the quality of your menu and photos into account because they are both a reflection of your establishment. Having nothing but high-quality images and high-quality food will lead to rave reviews and draw in even more customers than before. It will also serve to make your establishment more prestigious.

Do not use stock photos
It's also important to properly represent the food that's being sold with the images that you are advertising. Dishonest stock photos that look similar to the food you're actually selling would be deceiving to the customer about what they ordered. Instead, consider taking your own photos of your food or hiring a professional to do the same. Stock photography can also be cost-inefficient as acquiring the right to use stock images costs money. Being honest and delivering a representative experience to the customer is an extremely vital part of retaining customers and spreading great reviews. Taking all these aspects into account, using your own pictures is much more beneficial than utilizing any stock photography or third-party photos.

Why taking pictures of your products is beneficial:
A key part of running a restaurant is being honest with the customer. Therefore, it is extremely important that your photos properly represent the items on the menu. Say for example a customer arrives at a restaurant and the first thing they see on the menu is a juicy and mouth-watering burger. So, when they have the opportunity to order, they choose to order the burger that they saw previously. When they finally receive the food they ordered and they receive a flat and bland burger, they become immediately disappointed. On the other side of things, let us say a customer sees a mouth-watering, high-quality, and vibrant image of steak. They order that steak and once they receive it is the same exact steak they saw on the menu. This creates immediate joy from the customer and it's highly likely that once they finish the meal, they might tell their friends and family about the restaurant. Those positive messages and reviews are exactly what makes a restaurant take off. It's important to prioritize customer experience over everything else. Not using stock photos and properly representing the items that you're selling is one of many ways to create happiness and enjoyment in the customer's heart.
Side benefits to having high-quality photos:
There are also passive bonuses to having photos on your menu. Good photos can also help the kitchen. Having a guide to "plate" the dishes the same every time can be extremely helpful. Consistency is the number one way to retain customers. Good photos that match your restaurants’ theme can also help to provide a unique atmosphere.