HD2600Industrial Looping DVD Player

PLEASE VISIT OUR NEW WEBSITE If you are looking for digital signage media players, industrial dvd players or interactive digital signage solutions Videotel offers the only Industrial Looping DVD Player on the market today. Our line of Industrial Media Players and Digital Signage players are proven to run 24/7/365 continuously and seamlessly for over 6 years without failure. The HD2600 is a simple and reliable digital signage solution. The HD2600 is our Industrial Looping DVD Player that is a true HD commercial grade UL Approved HD DVD player that automatically powers on, auto plays, seamlessly auto loops and auto repeats without manual interaction. It is designed & proven for rugged continuous play or looping repeat content. Reliable, durable, and portable. Displays full HD, upscaling video with crystal clear picture quality. A true plug and play digital signage solution for auto repeat video playback. PLEASE VISIT OUR NEW WEBSITE


Industrial Dvd Player - Long Lasting playing 24/7
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