Industrial Looping DVD Player

The Videotel HD2600 Industrial Looping DVD Player has proven to be the only truly industrial grade High Definition, UL Approved DVD player on the market today. Designed to seamlessly Auto On, Auto Play, Auto Repeat and Auto Loop without any manual interaction. Specifically designed for continuous 24/7/365 play. The HD2600 is a reliable commercial grade looping dvd player designed for rugged use and displays video content on any screen. Ideal for environments that desire a cost effective digital signage solution to advertise, engage, inform and educate your audience.

Accessories: Wall Mount Bracket / Remote

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Key Advantages and Benefits of The HD2600 Industrial Looping DVD Player. The HD2600 is designed and built for rugged use for any video content to improve communication, advertise, educate, inform and entertain any audience.

Proven and recommended for in room hotel channel advertising in hospitality. In retail for display windows and POS counters.

In hospitals and healthcare facilities for waiting rooms, treatment rooms and pediatric wards.

For public safety videos and public transportation.

Corporate communication in lobbies, HR departments and conference rooms. Ideal in any kiosk, trade shows, and events.

Government facilities; museum exhibits. Recreation and amusement parks.

Food and beverage for menu boards. In gaming for slot machines and casinos. The HD2600 is proven so reliable that is it being utilized as test equipment for Quality Assurance Engineers that require premium video quality for surveillance systems.

HD2600 Industrial DVD player is installed in tens of thousands with Physical Network Advertising, Education, Training, K-12, Brand Awareness, Entertainment, Broadcasting, Visual Design, Visual Merchandizing, AV Integration, AV System Integration's, and for Remote installations.

Durable and compact for Retail stores, shelf counters, POS counters, kiosks and Mall Posters.

Quality and Approved for Hospital TVs, Patient Waiting Rooms, Infusion Rooms, Treatment Rooms, Pediatric Wards, Hospital Clinics, and Dental Offices.

Rugged quality for Corporate Conference Rooms, test labs for in car audio entertainment, POP Displays, Digital Posters, Government Offices, Model Home Construction, and many more. Just ask us.

Reliability - Proven for continuous play 24/7/365 for 4 years without failure.

Plug & Play - Designed to operate out of the box.

Cost Effective Digital Signage Solution- The HD2600 DVD player is the most aggressively priced, with a minimal TCO that guarantees an affordable digital signage solution.

Instant Response - Auto start feature skips menus and previews on DVD content.

Compact - Built into a robust commercial enclosure May be mounted and operates both vertically or horizontally. Ideal for small spaces to to engage your audience to drive sales & or educate a target audience.

Innovative - Replace traditional poster advertising with crystal clear full HD video in any environment.

Improve Communication - Display and be confident the HD2600 DVD player will always deliver. Videotel Digital has been serving our customers for over 33 years with exceptional, innovative industrial digital products and solutions. Keeping digital signage installations as simple as possible to reduce installation costs and eliminate complexity.

Market Research shows that a large proportion of digital signage applications require pre loaded video, audio and digital content that does not necessarily require significant and frequent changes.

At Videotel, we exist because we believe that every business deserves a simple cost effective digital signage solution built to last. Call for more information 800-878-4056 X 27.